Our Team

At ASORD, our team is our biggest strength. The society is governed by a seven member executive board. For implementation, we have a team of seasoned and qualified field coordinators who are supported by young and enthusiastic field and village executives. Everyone right from the board to the young village executive brings a wide range of experience and diverse knowledge from wide range of subjects like, agriculture, horticulture, rural technology, economics, anthropology, monitoring and evaluation etc.

Dhirendra Mishra, President

Mr Mishra is an economist with his heart in rural development. He has a 29 year experience in the developmental sector and specialises in Institutional Building, Mass Mobilisation, Planning,  Financial Management, Organic Farming.


Bhumika Gupta, Vice President

Mrs Bhumika Gupta is a lawyer by training with a diploma in human rights. After practicing law for 5 years, she found her passion for teaching and that is what she has been doing since past 12 years.


Rajnish Gupta, Secretary

Mr Gupta has a master’s in Agriculture extension with a diverse experience in Planning, Survey, Monitoring, Institutional building, Documentation & Team Management. He has been in the sector for more than 23 years.


Gurucharan Gangotri, Joint Secretary

Mr. Gangotri is a sociologist with a 16 years experience in on-ground implementation of developmental activities. At ASORD, he is also in-charge of Bilaspur & Mungeli District.


Chandrakant Chandravanshi, Treasurer

An Entomologist who specialises in biopesticides, rural development, and organic farming, Mr Chandravanshi has a diverse 23 years in the developmental sector.


Urmila Mishra, Board Member

Mrs Mishra has a master’s degree in Chemistry and a 23 years of experience in chemical testing of MFP & NTFP. She’s passionate about rural development and likes to work with women & children.


Ashok Dubey, Board Member

Mr Dubey is an engineer with a vast 32 years experience in command area development, soil & water conversation and livelihood programme. At ASORD, he is the key advisor on the projects related to irrigation, agriculture engineering etc


Sanjeev Tiwari


Mr Tiwari is a trained geologist and his expertise lies in soil & water conservation and geological & aquifer studies. He has a rich, 26 experience in the field.


Devsharan Tiwari

Mr Devsharan is ASORD’s South Chhattisgarh Coordinator. He is a master’s in Journalism and has been involved in developmental journalism and coordination of developmental programs in South Chhattisgarh for past 25 years.


Kaushik Pandey


Mr Pandey is ASORD’s District Coordinator. He has an MA in Sociology and has been involved in livelihood related programmes for past 20 years.


Gunja Dhruv


Gunja is a technical expert with ASORD. She is an MTech with expertise in watersheds and soil water conservation programmes


Bhupendra Dhankar


Bhupendra is ASORD’s Technical Cluster Coordinator. He is an MTech and specialises in implementation of watershed projects.


Snehanshu Mistry, Project


Snehanshu is a Project Coordinator with ASORD. He has an MSc in Horticulture and has been working on livelihood programmes and SHG based models for 5 years.


Rajesh Palai


Rajesh is a BTech with 6 years experience in livelihood & community based organisation. At ASORD, he is Project Coordinator.