Our Strength

  • Found in year 1995, we have been since working for Rural development since with an excellent track record, we are known for our strong and credible experience
  • We have well established expertise in crop productivity improvement, sustainable agriculture, agricultural innovation, organic methods, farm technology and mechanization
  • We have partnered with BASIX & Rabobank to scale up Microfinance initiative after the initial success with over 200 clients, pursuing excellence in service delivery & operations
  • We have partnered on rural development project with the best and most relevant organizations in the sector, delivering expected results and assured impact
  • We have planned and executed at ground level, various projects and activities involving training, handholding, execution & research within budget and with results
  • We are an organization that works hand in hand with the community every day, we understand the issues on the ground and have managed them effectively over a long period
  • We have the infrastructure and human resources to execute great projects and the financial muscle with turnover of 3+ cores to see through all seasons and tides