Model Gauthan

The cattle breeding and milk production is an important source of rural livelihood. However, increasing population of domestic cattle and overgrazing has been linked to grassland deterioration and desertification. ASORD’s Model Gauthan approach aims to minimise the degradation of pasture and forest land due to open grazing while also providing addition benefits to the cattle owners and through better animal husbandry practices.

The first Model Gauthan, which is spread across 1.63 hectares of land, was completed in May 2018 by ASORD in the Parkhanda Gram Panchayat of Kurud block in Dhamtari district. The Gauthan is managed by a farmer’s club of 20 members with a significant representation of women. The club is formally registered with NABARD and is already producing vermicompost. 


“Model Gothan is far better than the traditional Gothan of Panchayat as it provides an all-weather dry place for resting and clean drinking water for the cattle. Vermicompost and veterinary facilities are also provided. The plantation of neem and karanj in the Gothan aids natural and local treatment. My income as a Gopalak was very less, but now I can get additional income by selling vermicompost, vermin wash and different botanicals.”

 – Bishat Nishad, Parkhanda Gram Panchayat